Frequently Asked Questions

1What is GAIN?
The General Agent Insurance Network (GAIN) is a multi-modular system that provides a full suite of agency management for all levels of the Medicare industry, by streamlining virtually every administrative process within an organization.
2Does GAIN submit applications in real-time?
Yes, our system's instant data routing capabilities allows for immediate submissions to carriers.
3How can GAIN help my agency?
GAIN streamlines all of your agency’s processes to more effectively provide solutions that have been proved to increase profits, compliance, all the while diminishing costs.
4Can I compute commissions using GAIN?
Yes, the commission module is designed to track carrier payment schedules in accordance to submitted applications within the database, which can be filtered by region, sales rep, carrier, plan, dis-enrollment, hierarchy and many others.
5How secure is GAIN?
GAIN is secured by SSL encryption as well as secure firewalls.
6Can GAIN compute commissions for multiple levels within a hierarchy?
GAIN’s method of submitting applications, have proven to increase approval times by diminishing the prevalence of human-error and discrepancies. Meaning faster policy approval times.
7How many applications can be processed by GAIN in a day?
The system was designed to be scalable in accordance to your agency’s growth and production volume.